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At CPR Group Ltd, we’ve been brightening Calgary homes with expert skylight services for years. Our team specializes in both skylight repair and installation, ensuring your home gets the perfect balance of natural light and energy efficiency.

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CPR Group: your top choice for Calgary roofing & exteriors

Hard earned accreditation and credibility is a good start to pick your contractors, but what set us apart is our care and dedication to each roofing job-site, big or small.

Albertans select us for their roofing, restoration & exterior projects.
Completed roof installations across Alberta
CPR Group Ltd. maintains a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Discover CPR Group’s comprehensive skylight repair solutions:

We offer a comprehensive range of skylight services to meet the diverse needs of Calgary residents and businesses:

Skylight leak repair:

We quickly identify and fix leaks, preventing water damage to your home. Our team uses advanced techniques to seal gaps and replace damaged flashing, ensuring your skylight remains watertight.

Skylight replacement:

When repair isn’t enough, we offer full skylight replacement services. We’ll remove your old skylight and install a new, energy-efficient model that enhances natural light and improves insulation.

Residential or commercial skylight installation:

Transform your space with a custom skylight installation. We’ll help you choose the perfect skylight for your home, considering factors like size, type, and placement for optimal light and energy efficiency.

Skylight maintenance and inspection:

Regular check-ups can prevent costly repairs. We offer thorough inspections to catch potential issues early, clean your skylight, and perform minor repairs to keep it functioning at its best.

Why Choose Us? 
  • Local expertise: We understand Calgary’s climate and how it affects skylights.
  • Comprehensive services: From minor fixes to full replacements, we do it all.
  • Quality materials: We use only the best products for lasting results.
  • Customized solutions: Every project is tailored to your specific needs.


Years of Skylight maintenance

When you choose CPR Group for your skylight needs, you’re getting more than just a service. We bring a wealth of knowledge to every job, ensuring your skylight not only looks great but functions perfectly for years to come.

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You get only the best! CPR Group Ltd. doesn’t cut corners. Leverage our network to get the best exterior products, shingles, shakes, roof tiles, slate, flat roofing products backed by a manufacturer warranty and roofing installation by journeymen roofers.


Here’s what Albertans have to say!

Testimonials from happy clients who love our exterior services at CPR Group Ltd.

“One of my shingles was gone due to heavy wind in April. I called several leading companies for an estimate. Jace from CPR group who show up next day, ask my budget and gave me the best estimate and promised me to do a repair, within 24 hours with out extra cost, if we decided to proceed with them. Of course, I got dozens of estimates from other companies with colourful brochures and higher price tags. Jace and Glen are very professional and never said any bad stuff about other competitors.
Once we decided to proceed with them, they did the repair as they promised and started the re roofing with in six days. Roofers are very knowledgeable and fast. My roof is very steep, but they finished the job very quickly and cleaned up. After completion Jace came for inspection and asked all my concerns and proceeded as required.
We are more than happy with them and highly recommend CPR group for roofing projects.”

“I would Highly recommend CPR Group for any roof and exteriors project. I can’t say enough great things about CPR group (Glen team). I have very good experienced Customer service and professional installation for roofing and exteriors.”

“CPR Group replaced our vinyl siding and our facias after a hail storm that happened in August of 2021. Nick worked with us to make sure I was kept in the loop ( I am all about communication and keeping in contact with – as I am in customer service as well) on all matters as we were going through insurance and weather issues that held up getting the work done until earlier in April of 2022. We still have a few items to complete but the process has been incredible, and the work that they completed during the crazy snow storms we had during April was amazing. Great job guys!!!”

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